And we’re Gold, baby!

Yesterday was a big day. My team pulled together to create something marvellous. To achieve the rank of doTERRA Gold just in time for 2018 is such an incredible achievement. But it’s the sum of many parts and it’s an achievement that belongs to every active member of my doTERRA team. 

For me personally, I’ve been close to this rank a few times over the last couple of months, but not quite there. Simply by being close, I saw myself at this rank. Visualised and manifested it. I’m not a full time doTERRA leader – I work a nine day fortnight in a job I love and have no intention of giving up. I study part time, in addition to mentoring my team, enrolling and supporting new and existing members and being active on social media. Oh, and husband and kids too. 

So life is a massive juggling act but the outcomes are so worth it when we achieve this, a rank shared by 23% of doTERRA leaders. It took me 21 months to reach doTERRA Gold, from the time I started sharing doTERRA. Some people reach this rank quicker, some slower. The point is, we all progress in this business at different rates, depending on our input. And that is completely fine!

The beauty of doTERRA as a business is flexibility. I can work as little or as much as I like (or as time allows). Of course, with any business, consistency is the key. But there’s no-one tapping you on the shoulder asking why you’re not at a certain point. You are your own boss. But when you need the support and encouragement, it’s there by the truckload.

It’s an amazing time to join doTERRA. You’ll join one of the fastest moving online businesses around – doTERRA is expanding massively in Australia right now. If you’re looking for a side income that can see you get your oils for free simply by sharing the products that you love, doTERRA is for you. If you want to throw yourself into the business and achieve incredible things in a short period of time, you can also do that here! The compensation plan is seriously one of the best around. No question about that. Plus you get me as your essential oils and business mentor. 

Read more about the doTERRA business opportunity here, or contact me here. Read about doTERRA income disclosure for 2016 here.

Interested? I would love to work with you and help you reach the doTERRA Gold rank and beyond!

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