dōTERRA 2017 Be Essential Convention wrap

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The annual dōTERRA Convention was held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in March. This event is an absolute must-do for all dōTERRA Wellness Advocates and is an incredible rush of oil powered adrenaline. I was happy to have four of my beautiful team members at Convention with me this year – we all left invigorated and hugely enthusiastic about our chosen path in life. Highlights? So many! Here are just a few.

~ Dr David Hill (left), dōTERRA’s Chief Medical Officer, who we heard speak about the science and chemistry behind the oils. Dr Hill shared so much knowledge and wisdom about our incredible essential oils and heart breaking, life changing stories. An absolute minefield of knowledge and an beautiful person to boot.
~ Hearing a panel of dōTERRA Presidential Diamonds, including Hayley Hobson and Australia’s Paul and Vanessa Ovens and Jessie Reimers speak at the training for ranks Silver and above. Totally inspirational stuff.
~ Hearing musician and Platinum leader Ben Lee play songs on three days, and talk to us about his journey with dōTERRA.
~ We heard dōTERRA Australia’s General Manager, Teresa Haws, tell us that in 2016, there was a 132% increase in Australian Wellness Advocates and our market size has increased by 115%. There is currently 120,000 Wellness Advocates in Australia.





~ We heard that dōTERRA has a retention rate of 65%, meaning 65% of people who have wholesale accounts order regularly. The industry standard is 15%.
~ In 2011, dōTERRA sold 2.5 million bottles of essential oil. In 2015, they sold 40.6 million bottles.
~ dōTERRA have 46 single essential oils and 82 proprietary blends. 84% of these oils are produced exclusively for dōTERRA produced under co-impact sourcing projects around the world.

~ We learned about the incredible work dōTERRA’s charitable foundation, Healing Hands, does around the world. Australians will now have the opportunity to donate to Healing Hands through local orders, and this donation will be tax deductible.

~ dōTERRA’s mission – an oil in every home around the world.
~ We heard from dōTERRA Diamond, Kissane Appleby, who talked about a world where holistic health is the mainstream not the alternative.
~ I received my Silver rank advancement award and walked alongside my close friend, Andrea, into a huge room filled with 2,200 people and a truckload of confetti.

~ I watched my upline leaders, Noel and John, receive their Diamond rank advancement award, along with many other inspirational leaders.

~ My love for our incredible gifts of nature expanded so much. I know I am on my true path in life – I found this path late, but at least I found it!

I could go on, there were so many highlights. It was an incredible week. If anyone wants more information about Convention and the information we heard, please contact me.

I took pictures of pretty much every slide! I have added some photos to this blog from Convention that I would love to share with you. If you get a chance to attend Convention – make sure you take it!

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