Learning to love Geranium

Have you heard the saying, if you dislike an essential oil, then you need this oil in your life? I’ve been working on my feelings about Geranium this week. Ever since I’ve had it, I’ve disliked it. The aroma is too sweet, cloying and reminds me of something I’d rather forget (although I can’t place what that is).

From an emotional standpoint, Geranium is known as the Oil of Love and Truth. Geranium restores confidence in the innate goodness of others and in the world. It facilitates trust, especially when an individual had lost trust in others due to difficult life circumstances. Geranium heals the broken heart. It softens anger and assists in healing emotional wounds.

Now this is interesting. I’ve certainly lost trust in people, and been through some pretty difficult life circumstances. I have a hard time getting over things and forgiving people at times. I have a number of emotional wounds that need healing. OK, so is that why Geranium needs to speak with me?

So I’ve been diffusing Geranium with Lemongrass and Arborvite this week. One drop only, two of the others. Lemongrass is beautiful for emotional and physical cleaning, and Arborvite, the Oil of Divine Grace, is perfect for enhancing spiritual awareness.

I’ve been applying Geranium to my skin with my Verage moisturiser. Geranium has been used for many years to enhance the skin. It’s also excellent mixed with conditioner for the hair. So all in all, a pretty awesome oil! I’m warming to it more and more every day.

How do you feel about Geranium? I’d love to hear your experiences.

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