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I love breakfast, and I’m baffled by people who miss it completely. This meal is actually breaking your overnight fast and is essential for your daily energy. One of my favourite brekkies is toast with fermented goodies and avocado. I’m a fairly new convert to fermented products, but I love them.

One of the key claims for the health benefits of fermented foods is their contribution of live microbes to the existing colonies in the gut. Collectively called the microbiome, these microbes exert powerful effects on our bodies; when they’re out of whack they have been linked with intestinal and bowel conditions such as ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome, immune disorders such as allergies and type 1 diabetes, and metabolism and metabolic diseases, including type 2 diabetes and obesity. They’ve even been linked with mental health disorders.

And did you know that your your gut serves as your second brain? It produces more of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is known to have a positive influence on your mood, than your brain does. This is an important aspect of managing your emotions with products, and fermented food and essential oils fit right in here.

So this morning, I’m having sourdough bread with cashew cheese, Kim-Chi, avo and dukkah. Pretty much my fave brekky ever. I love the Peace, Love and Vegetables brand from Byron Bay here in Australia, and available in most health food stores. Kehoe’s Kitchen also makes a few great cashew cheeses, including chili and pesto.

I also take a pro-biotic every day. I use dōTERRA’s PB Assist, which is a proprietary formula of pre-biotic fibre and six strains of probiotic microorganisms in a vegetable capsule.

How do you look after your gut health?

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