Melissa, the Oil of Light

Well, hello, beautiful lady! I’ve been waiting to meet you. Melissa essential oil has been unavailable for some time, but she is now back in stock and is so very precious!

Melissa, the Oil of Light, awakens the soul to truth and light. Melissa invites one to release everything and anything that holds them back from reaching their full potential. Melissa can assist you to tackle negative emotions and teach you the joy of living. Melissa’s enthusiasm is definitely contagious!

From a therapeutic aspect, Melissa has analgesic, anti-inflammatory antiviral, digestive and sedative properties. Melissa may assist with allergies, cold sores, colds, hypertension, fevers, indigestion, nausea and vertigo.

Melissa is Greek for honey bee and has a beautiful, sweet lemon balm aroma. Anciently, Melissa was used for nervous disorders and different ailments dealing with the heart or the Emotions. Very rare and a bit expensive, but so completely worth it! She has so many uses, both emotional and therapeutic.

Have you experienced Melissa? She reminds me of something that I cannot quite place. She’s definitely not for everyone. But when you have her in your collection, I guarantee you will be reach for her often!

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